United Smart
Cities Lab.


Together with the USC industry partners, we are creating the state of the art smart city hubs around the world.

The labs are an open workspace for companies and startups to be in touch with city representatives, technology providers, and international experts.

Jointly they can bring platforms, solutions, services and meet early adopters willing to bring their ideas to life.

Create Locally.

Share Globally.

The first USC Lab is open in Vienna, Austria.
Hosted by the Firestarter Space, it supports the creation of solutions for Smart Cities.

A co-creation Space with dedicated and hot desks to gather the community to solve today’s
issues from cities all over the world.

An Exhibition Hall where solutions created by the community are promoted locally and in our Digital Hall the solutions can be
shared globally.

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Enabling the SDG´s

The lab is a joint effort to promote and make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) become a reality in every Smart City in the world.